Cost And Time Savings

Affordable Education, Accessible for Everyone

At AMSED, we believe that knowledge and learning is a universal right for everyone, so we built an educational platform that delivers accessible training at a price that cannot be beaten.

Courses for the Entire Team in One Place

Detailed evidence of your commitment to staff training is collected automatically, from how many hours employees spend learning to the date and time modules are completed.

Constantly Updated and AHPRA Compliant

We regularly add new courses based on the latest evidence in Aboriginal health treatment trends, new legal requirements for health services, and employment and accreditation standards.

A Better Way to Learn

Our advanced mobile learning and micro-learning capabilities deliver immersive training experiences that are available on demand 24/7, making them incredibly cost-effective.

It’s Training Taken Care of

AMSED lives and breathes Aboriginal health service education, and we make it our business to know everything about it. There’s no-one better qualified and informed to train your team.

Internal CPD
(For 50 Employees)

$42,200/2 days

  • Preparation: $8,000
  • Delivery: $3,200
  • Loss of work (Attendance): $620 per employee

External CPD
(For 50 Employees)

$230,500/2 days

  • Registration: $1,500 per person
  • Loss of work (Travel and Attendance): $930 per employee
  • Accommodation Cost: $380 per employee
  • Travel Cost: $700 per employee
  • Allowances: $150 per employee

(For 50 Employees)


  • Preparation, delivery, loss of work, accomodation, travel, allowances, set up costs: All $0
  • Access to all current modules
  • Access to all modules released
  • Full helpdesk support
  • Subscription: $385/ person per annum (+GST)
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